Chiropractor Spokane Valley

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Chiropractor Spokane Valley

A chiropractor in the Spokane Valley can get you functioning again. This field is about more than hands-on manipulation. Proven treatments are always welcomed to help patients. Our experts at the Spokane Spine Team use rehabilitation, injections, and personalized care to treat chronic pain.

What does a chiropractor do?

 Chiropractors deal with the musculoskeletal system. Many use hands-on manipulation and adjustments to restore flexibility and movement while reducing discomfort. Many other therapies are available as well.

The hands-on approach is the most well-known tactic to deal with pain. However, this approach is not proven. Studies are inconclusive regarding adjustment aside from specific neck and back injuries.

While manipulation is useful in helping cope with pain, chiropractors understand the entire range of options available. Research grounds the capabilities of rehabilitation and injections.

Corticosteroids reduce the inflammation causing nerves signaling an issue to the brain. Strength training and exercises help compensate for significant disabilities.

Taken together, these solutions relieve chronic pain. Our patients see improvement in as little as three weeks.

When do I need a chiropractor?

Pain management is about tolerance. It is sometimes possible to completely resolve discomfort, but this is not always true. Surgeries create scar tissue and injuries, genetics, or disease permanently alter the configuration of the muscles, joints, or spine.

For many, it is possible to get rid of discomfort through home remedies. Ice, heat, and massage applied periodically help to cut down swelling. These practices also prevent future flare-ups.

However, there are times when pain is unbearable. When symptoms last for more than six months or deepen to a point where you cannot perform routine tasks, an expert can help. We use proven practices to get you on your feet again.

Simply allowing severe pain to persist is not an option. Over 127 million workdays were lost to back pain alone last year. When daily habits and life are threatened, depression can follow. The most significant mental health issue and disability according to the World Health Organization are lower back problems and depression. They are the cause of many other conditions.

Is chiropractic care dangerous?

Doctors often claim that chiropractic care can hurt patients. However, there is no evidence that this is true. Even hands-on manipulation does not pose a health risk.

To the contrary, injections and rehabilitation are proven to help. We strive to provide the best service for our patients and will use stem cells if required. Follow up studies on the use of stem cells found improvement in 81 percent of cases with no patient experiencing increased discomfort.

Chiropractor in the Spokane Valley

Our experts are well versed in managing pain. Every case is unique. We deploy a variety of therapies to get you back on your feet again. From rehabilitation to stem cell injections and radiofrequency therapy, our treatments are grounded in study.

Chiropractors use the scientific method and expert knowledge to treat every case. Get in touch with our experts at the Spokane Spine Team to find out more.

Chiropractor Spokane Valley

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