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Couples Massage

Life’s greatest experiences are meant to be shared, and who better to share a soothing hour-long massage with than your partner in life? Island Salt and Spa invites you to schedule an indulgent couples massage at Island Salt and Spa where you’ll enjoy deep relaxation thermal therapy and each other’s company.

55 Min Treatment $200.00 Schedule Appointment

Swedish Massage

This massage is for everyone. Looking to relieve tension, soothe sore aching muscles increase circulation or just to relax? Then this massage is for you. Our 1 hour massage begins with the benefits of heat to ensure a more profound state of relaxation. Wonderfully soothing heat packs are applied to your back and neck at the start of your treatment and ends with a warm towel wipe down of your back and feet.

55 Min Treatment $90.00 Schedule Appointment
1/2 Hour Treatment $50.00 Schedule Appointment

Package Treatments

Series of 3 $255.00 Schedule Appointment
Series of 4 $330.00 Schedule Appointment
Series of 5 $400.00 Schedule Appointment

Add On Services

10 Minute Mini Foot Scrub $15.00 Schedule Appointment
15 Minute Cranial Massage $15.00 Schedule Appointment
Celluma Therapy Treatment $25.00 For 15 Min Schedule Appointment
Exfoliating Black Scrub $25.00 Schedule Appointment
Paraffin Treatment $25.00 Schedule Appointment
CBD Cream $20.00 Schedule Appointment

Prenatal Treatment

The benefits of massage for both moms-to-be and baby are amazing. Massage’s nurturing touch is so important during this time in a woman’s life. With so many physical and hormonal changes taking place at this time, body massage can help improve some of the symptoms such as muscular pain to joints, as well as stress on the pelvis and lower back. Benefits also include a reduction in swelling in the hands and feet. Headaches can be diminished, circulation improved, sleeplessness resolved, and it also reduces stress and anxiety. Most of all massages promotes relaxation. And what is good for mom is also good for baby!

55 Min Treatment $90.00 Schedule Appointment
1/2 Hour Treatment $50.00 Schedule Appointment

Deep Tissue

Very similar to our classic Swedish massage this treatment focuses on the deeper layers of muscles and fascia. Net the massage work on breaking down adhesions thereby increasing your range of motion. People who enjoy a heavier touch, suffer with injuries, or have repetitive movement jobs will most benefit this type of massage.

55 Min Treatment $100.00 Schedule Appointment
1/2 Hour Treatment $55.00 Schedule Appointment

Sports Massage

This massage is great for athletes as it focuses attention on the manipulations of soft tissue (muscles). Whether you’re the weekend warrior type or a higher-level athlete this massage is designed to improve performance, reduce recovery time, help and or prevent injuries, and improve overall flexibility. It provides a great preventative treatment for runners, body-builders, and those who participate in school team sports. All massages are geared towards our clients’ specific needs. Depending on which treatment you select, our therapist will customize a specific treatment plan exclusively for you.

55 Min Treatment $100.00 Schedule Appointment
1/2 Hour Treatment $50.00 Schedule Appointment


Using essential oils made from flowers herbs barks roots peels and petals this massage is created to ease stress, anxiety and depression. Stimulate your senses with a signature blend of essential oils mixed specifically for your needs.

55 Min Treatment $100.00 Schedule Appointment

Hot Stone Massage

This massage uses smooth flat heated rocks that are placed on key areas of your body. This will allow associated muscles to relax on a deeper level. Your therapist incorporates these stones in conjunction with your massage to create a deeper more relaxing experience.

55 Min Treatment $110.00 Schedule Appointment

Island Signature Massage

Pamper yourself with this wellness balancing treatment. This treatment begins with a cleansing exfoliating back scrub Swedish massage customized for tour desired results. Your choice of essential aromatherapy oils and finished with focused relaxing cranial massage.

1-1/2 Hour Treatment $170.00 Schedule Appointment

Get a Little Salty

Enjoy the benefits of dry salt therapy while receiving a Swedish massage in the Saltroom. Combined with dry salt therapy this treatment is great for your skin and bronchils.

Couples massage $275 For 55 Min Schedule Appointment
Swedish massage $125 For 55 Min Schedule Appointment
Deep Tissue $140 For 55 Min Schedule Appointment

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